Sunday, February 3, 2013

New Year, Same Good Stuff!!!

Plane Tickets purchased, hotel reservations made.. Now all I need is get my presentation in order..

So along comes my topic, Plugin Based Authentication Scheme's or in particular a table based authentication scheme...

This plugin, which I will be releasing it to the APEX community for it's use & abuse.. Is based upon a package of functions & procedures I have used for a few different client sites, but I am still deciding how much functionality needs to be exposed at this time..

In it I have the ability to limit the # of login attempts, to display specific error messages when login errors occur and so on...  I just wonder if I should make it plain and bland and then update it with the newer features after a few people try it and see how it works for them...

Always the question, how far to go when releasing a product... 

Ohh, it has been a few rough months and I am glad for this time to reflect as to what has happened....

In November of 2012 my father passed away after suffering with Alzheimer's...  I was able to visit before Christmas and see my oldest brother who was also ill..  We spent a nice few days together with my mom and all enjoyed the limited time.

In January of 2013, my oldest brother who I just visited with back in Montana passed away from complications from his cancer surgery. 

So I will say it again, it has been helpful taking my mind off my family losses to work on this presentation and getting BACK into the groove of answering questions on the APEX support forum..

So Keep Asking Those Questions and Let's See How Far We Can Go with APEX today!

Tony Miller
Ruckersville, VA
3 Feb 2013

(Oh yes, sorry 49'ers, really wasn't your day huh?)

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