Friday, October 8, 2010

Welcome to my Humble Blog...

I finally did it.. I joined the land of the bloggers.  After reading so many of my fellow APEX developers blogging (to be blogged, blogged by science) , I decided why not... (Also that I have been receiving a number of people asking for code samples I can post them here, for all to use and abuse..).

First off, a number of folks have asked for my custom authentication code that forces a password change upon first login.  Later tonight I will be posting that code....

For now, it's back to work I go....

1 comment:

  1. Hi.

    I was doing a search for Oracle Apex positions at NASA when I came across your blog.

    I was wondering how difficult it is to get a job with NASA. I've been actively using Apex for 7 years now and am currently working as an Apex developer in San Francisco. I've ALWAYS wanted to work for NASA, and so, am curious if NASA is looking for Oracle/Apex type people.

    Reading your blog, though, put a damper on this as you said NASA (leastwise the management you dealt with) were not interested.

    Any pointers on how to find a NASA job would be most appreciated. BTW, my "handle" on the Apex Forum is "EEG".

    Take care.