Saturday, October 15, 2011

New Job, New adventures..

Sorry if its been a while since I posted here.. Let's catchup with what has happened...  My contract position with MRE Consulting ended with NASA at the end of Sept 2011..  My contract was for only 4 months, but they decided they liked me and I liked them, so we went further..  I was supposed to show them APEX, but at the 3 1/2 month portion of the contract, they decided they did NOT like APEX.  However, could I maintain Forms Applications.. Yea, sure it will pay the bills..

Relocated myself to Raleigh, NC for this 6 to 9 month contract.  Should I change my handle & blog title? Nah.. I am just here for a 6 to 9 months with the Department of Public Instruction..  Unless..... You never know

Funny, my first job outta college (that paid) was as a Foxpro developer for the Montana Office of Public Instruction.  Developing applications in Foxpro for DOS on OS/2 based machines..

Now look at me, I am an accomplished Oracle APEX developer, working on a major project for the Office of Public Instruction in North Carolina..

Back then I was a major advocate on CompuServe with the Foxpro forum.. Actually I was know across the Foxpro users groups..  Went to conferences and classes

Now with APEX I am know across the APEX support forum, and even being asked to help with KScope 2012...  ( I am know as .. texas.apex.developer on the Oracle APEX support forum)

Till another day.. Enjoy

Times they do change, but seems to be the same at the same time..

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