Saturday, March 31, 2012

March is Over Already??

 Its been a few months again since I posted here, but I guess enough has changed to warrant an update..  To the left is a hint as to some of the changes!

I have been given the chance to do a presentation to my peers @ one of the largest Oracle APEX developer conference in the world!  This summer I will be meeting people that live and write about Oracle APEX every day in San Antonio.

I guess my years of offering support on the APEX support forum and in my day to day duties as a contractor have caught a few people eyes...

I am honored and also terrified to go in front of these people, since a lot of them I have followed through the years and bought the books and read the articles that publish.  I have been doing Oracle HTML-DB/APEX development work for 7-8 years, and am still learning new things everyday (Sometimes good, sometimes not so good..).

I just hope that I can offer a perspective in my presentation that will help others understand APEX better and the many different situations you can encounter with it's usage in government agencies.

Now I am off to work on my presentation and check the forum to see if I can offer any help or learn something new..

Ohh, I also started a new gig, in Dallas, TX.. I am now a contractor for FIS (Fidelity Information Services) working as a contractor to the FDIC (Federal Depository Insurance Corporation, they guarantee your deposits in your bank, up $250,000).  I am part of a team developing and implementing internal web-based applications for their reporting needs.  Very interesting work and very interesting people to work with...

Till another day...
Tony Miller

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